I am building and maintaining open data about Japanese anime

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I have been working to provide the metadata about Japanese anime. By developing more semantic and machine-readable anime database, I believe we can boost anime community around the world.

Open Data

I discuss data models for anime, then build and maintain the databases. They are available as web sites, Linked Open Data datasets and SPARQL endpoints at Metadata.Moe. I also contribute to Wikipedia and Wikidata, where I make additions and corrections to basic information of anime works and animators.

Doujinshi (Self-publishing Books)

I am the owner of Babibubebo Laboratory, a Japanese doujin circle, and have published books on the metadata of anime: https://babibubebo.org/lab/books/. Some of the books are available at Internet Archive.

Why do I need your support?

  • Servers
  • Printing and publishing doujinshi
  • Buying anime DVD & Blu-ray 😜

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