Unhoused Winter Donations 2020

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Thank you for the time and interest in giving to our most Vulnerable neighbors. Winter temperatures are already here in the PNW. We have roughly 12.5k unhoused in the Seattle area. Each week we are seeing more and more tents pop up and that's not only alarming but concerning. This pandemic is hurting us all but those who are forced to live outside are fighting for their existence right now. If you have it within your capacity to give, please consider donating. Each dollar is accounted for transparency and accountability.

Since Labor day weekend, We have been able to reach a minimal of 8 encampments each week in Seattle to provide much needed KN95 , N95 and disposable masks for our unhoused neighbors during the painful smoke that blanketed our city. We assembled kits that included masks (ones listed above), flats of water, sandwiches, water hydration packs, fruit, first aid kits, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, eye drops. After smoke was cleared we are have continued to drop off supplies to our unhoused neighbors. Now with temperatures dropping to freezing , we need your financial help to continue providing Mylar Emergency blankets, hand warmers, gloves, wool hats, wool socks, winter and rain jackets, sanitation items, tents, tarps, sleeping bags and hot meals (Shelters who provided hot meals have diminished with Covid-19).

This is an example of some items that go into the kits we hand out to our vulnerable neighbors.

  • Mylar Emergency Blanket 1ct $4.99
  • Hand warmers 40ct $12.99
  • Toe Warmers 30ct $13.99
  • Wool men’s socks 4ct $12.99
  • Wool women’s socks 3ct $8.99
  • wool hat unisex 1ct $3.99
  • Trek Jacket M/W 1ct $29.99
  • 4 ppl tent 1ct ~$44
  • sleeping bag 1ct ~$22

We appreciate if you have capacity to do so, to donate to help us provide these winter needs to the unhoused. Thank you for the kindness and Be Well :)



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