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If UltimaOnline & Morrowind are nice games (IMHO), if OpenMW is a wonderful game engine (with multiplayer support), Why no one “recreating” a UO mod version using OpenMW?

Technically someone has already tried ... or rather, someone tried to "re-launch" the Ultima IX with the OpenMW game engine, but the project was abandoned http://www.titansofether.com/uix/

OpenMW has resumed it, but is releasing a "libre Edition" version so it is almost from the beginning https://github.com/OpenMW/UIX-R

Anyway, Ultima IX will NOT be an online game ... and personally, I'd like to be able to "merge" the 2 above mentioned games (UO & Morrowind) to recreate an environment, a community and a gaming atmosphere that only Ultima Online (in the 90s) knew how to give

Why use Morrowind instead Oblivion or Skyrim?

Simply because Morrowind is older, therefore lighter, and because it is the only one for which a completely new opensource game engine was created (an example with graphics mod: https://i.imgur.com/uuJoL.jpg)... Certainly at graphic level will not be wonderful/cool as skyrim, but at gameplay it's better, and playable on even dated PCs


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