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I'm a self-taught developer, artist, designer, photographer, musician, electrical engineer and misfit from Norway. I live with my housemate and my cat in an apartment near Oslo.

Professionally, I was a developer for 12 years (and a hobbyist for 17 years prior). I was respected among my peers, and they said I did good work. I had multiple burnouts, however, and eventually tried ADHD medications. This, together with my sister's imprisonment and my mother's death, lead to a mental breakdown, followed by a period of mania and psychosis. After going through hell, I had a shift of perspective. I decided that it was time to stop listening to "common sense" and do something entirely different with my life.

A poster of Tux performing fire magic

I tried my luck as an IT contractor several times, but working on projects I'm not passionate about just wears me out completely. The last time I gave it a try, I couldn't finish the project due to burnout. I was sued, and ended up with €20,000 in debt, on top of my other debts.

My current source of income is government benefits, which don't go very far. They cover rent and food, but not much else, and I don't want to rely on them. I don't trust government and I don't trust business, since both have done me harm. I want to be independent and avoid them as much as possible.

Medieval-style map of the Fediverse with instance hostnames arranged in a semicircle and a parchment-like appearance

I'm currently working on making and selling merchandise for Mastodon, a free social network based on the ActivityPub protocol. Sales aren't stellar, but I'm hoping that this large mediaeval-style map I'm making of the Fediverse (consisting of all the ActivityPub compatible networks) will be a hit.

Pictures showing the exterior and interior of an audio processing box with a brushed aluminium front panel and a red circuit board inside

Sometimes, I do electronics. Above are pictures of a project I did for my housemate. It's an audio processor that combines two 5.1 sources into a single 5.1 mix, for people who own two computers and a surround system.

Screenshot of SoundCloud page with colourful pictures and multiple playlists in several genres

I also have a SoundCloud page where I upload music (mostly dance music) from time to time.

If I can get a source of funding, and project suggestions from my patrons, I think I can make some cool stuff, and if financially secure, I could publish much of it under an open source license instead of selling it.


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