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handlebars-rust 848 Updated this week

Rust templating with Handlebars

diehard 286 Updated 1 week ago

Clojure resilience library for flexible retry, circuit breaker and rate limiter

ring-jetty9-adapter 162 Updated 2 weeks ago

An enhanced version of jetty adapter for ring, with additional features like websockets, http/2 and http/3

metriki 18 Updated 3 weeks ago

Rust metrics ported from dropwizard metrics

rigui 41 Updated 2 months ago

Hierarchical Timing Wheels for Clojure and ClojureScript

slacker 334 Updated 2 months ago

Transparent, non-incursive RPC by clojure and for clojure

stavka 39 Updated 3 months ago

Stavka manages configuration from various sources, for your Clojure application.

rustmann 20 Updated 3 months ago

A riemann client on tokio, async/await

node-geohash 504 Updated 7 months ago

geohash library for nodejs


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