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Hi! I'm Ricardo. In the web I'm known as RGB, RGB-es or el pingüino tolkiano (the Tolkian penguin). I write, among other things, about free software and I'm the author of Domando al escritor (taming the writer), a CC licensed book that explains how to use LibreOffice Writer (and talks a bit about Math, Draw and Chart).

I also wrote a book about how to use LaTeX, XeTeX and OpenType in LyX: LyX, la otra forma de escribir (LyX, the other way of writing).

Meanwhile I continue to write in my blogs (EN, ES, and IT), mainly about free software but also about science, education, photography... anything I can think of.

In 2016 I translated my book about Writer into Italian.

In 2018 I translated into English both my book about LyX and my book about Writer.

All of this means a huge effort, but this is an effort I do with pleasure. I'm not here to ask you to help me with my work, but if you decide to give me a hand I'll be profoundly grateful.


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