Myco Mutual - An Online, Distributed Mutual Aid Platform

Myco Mutual is building a distributed, mutual aid platform.

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Beneath the trees lies a complex network of fungi, transporting nutrients that the trees’ roots cannot access on their own.

Myco Mutual is named for the mycorrhizal fungi that have this special symbiotic relationship with trees. We’re building an online, de-centralized, mutual aid platform to efficiently connect people with resources. In phase one of our development, resources will be tangible, like food, clothing or replacement parts, or services, like home repair or transportation. Eventually we will also support digital resources, like online tutorials and videos.

Users will be able to add custom tags and geographic identifiers, where appropriate, to their resource requests and offers. Tags will be used to filter and sort resources on the public web site, which will not require a login, and to subscribe to alerts. There will be no cost to use the service, ever.

Myco Mutual will not be controlled by a behemoth corporation looking for an angle to profit. The service will live across multiple servers managed by community groups, towns and the Myco Mutual nonprofit organization.

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