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Hello and thanks for reading :-)

Love Sober was started as a blog by Kate in 2016 to document her sobriety journey, and to share what she had learned about the importance of self care. Mandy joined in 2017 and together we created the first UK sobriety podcast for women to help the sober and sober curious find practical tips, support and a friendly approach to sobriety.

We saw the necessity to create the resources that hadn’t existed in our own sober journey. To discuss openly and frankly modern day living - stress, mental health, motherhood and socializing through a sober lens. To celebrate how life changing, positive and transformative living alcohol free is, and to make this lifestyle as attractive and attainable as possible. We have continued to develop resources and community links for women and especially mums and to help them develop their exploration into their own self-empowerment, self-compassion and self-care strategies.

Up until now Love Sober - the podcast, website and support group have been financed by us (Kate and Mandy) and it isn’t sustainable for us to continue to do so.

We are therefore looking to our podcast listeners and community to support us at the moment by voluntary monthly contributions.

Your contribution is very important to enable the financial viability of Love Sober. In becoming a patron your donation will support: - The editing, hosting and recording of the podcast. - The development, maintenance and hosting of the site and group.

Any donation is greatly received, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

With love and gratitude.

Kate and Mandy

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