I am creating and maintaining apps for elementary OS

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Who am I?
I'm Lains, an app developer in open source. You might know me by my apps in elementary OS's AppCenter, such as Notejot and Quilter.

Why pledge?
By pledging, you are actually investing in my app quality & also make me able to continue making contributions to elementary OS and my own apps, as well as jumpstarting my independent developer life.

Psst! Where does the money go?
All of the money goes to sustaining myself independently by paying bills & food, and all the stuff that a human needs in the modern society to not blip off the internet.

You can read further about my apps, ideas, etc. on my website.

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notejot 112 Updated 3 weeks ago

Stupidly-simple sticky notes applet.

quilter 254 Updated 1 month ago

Focus on your writing.


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