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El Cambalache is a moneyless micro economy in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico created by and for women and dissident gendered people and everyone we know. In El Cambalache we have many projects including our regular moneyless exchange activities where everything that is exchanged has the same value and people share abilities and knowledge. We have a mutual aid project which has three goals- the first is dedicated to making and educating around herbal medicine to strengthen the immune system and to develop practices of self care and mutual healing in the face of both this pandemic and the severly lacking healthcare system in Chiapas; 2- sharing health information 3- community meals and workshops on cooking to combat hunger in the face of this global economic crisis. Another new initiative is Proyecto de Jovenes Para Jovenes (Projects by/for Young People) which was founded by Aramara (14yrs old) and her friends in highschool to combat capitalism while learning about feminism and many other topics.

In April, 2019 we opened our Department of Decolonial Economics that consists of 10 educators, investigators and scholars that work on creating and sharing knowledge about non-capitalist and non-western economies with a specific focus on supporting and promoting local indigenous economic practices. We work to revalue and repair the great diversity of economic practices that are endemic to the Americas.

By supporting our work you will help us maintain and expand our projects so that we can pay for everything that requires money like rent, electricity, scholarships for students that want to attend our decolonial methods workshops, healthcare costs, gas for cooking, etc.

WE NEED OTHER ECONOMIES In the last few months, we have experienced a significant global change in our lives around the development of COVID-19 and the government responses to curb the virus.

People living precariously on a daily basis, suffering economic, social and legal marginalization, have been put even more at risk from disease, hunger, lack of remuneration and violence.

In many parts of the majority world, people have been imprisoned and/or experienced violence for taking to the streets to seek improvements in their well-being, racial and social justice, freedom from domestic violence, and other reasons that bring them into public spaces.

We see that more than ever it is necessary to make non-capitalist economies, to recognize that our Americas are rich in the practices and knowledge of other age-old economies.

Now is the time! Let’s get to work and recuperate our economies!

More info at: https://cambalache.noblogs.org FB: LaCambalache Twitter: Cambalacheras Instagram:


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